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Our Company

Tresor Capital LTD is an independent investment company, established in 2018 that united experienced professionals from several British and foreign venture capital funds.

The secret to the success of the venture financing is that one successful investment can bring no less and often more income than the rest of the investments in the aggregate. We invest assets in projects at the initial stage of their creation. To do this, we have created a wide network of "scouts" who are looking for promising innovative enterprises and startups.

In 2019, we created an online platform to unite private investors and businessmen, to help investors to get a stable passive income and finance businessmen's ideas.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Eddie Brooks

Eddie Brooks is a Doctor of Economics. Wide experience, authority and high qualifications help Eddie build mutually beneficial relationships with any international business partners.

Chief Visionary Officer

Colette Lariviere

Colette has extensive experience in marketing and development of communication strategy. It determines the plans of economic growth and company positioning

Chief Technology Officer

Hussain Mahmoudi

Hussain has over 15 years of experience in IT. Today he is a leading specialist in the development of information systems of the latest generation for the financial sector.

Chief Financial Officer

Gabriela Alves

Gabriela is an experienced financial professional. It's she who determines the financial policy of the company, ensuring its sustainability.

Chief Analytics Officer

Jirou Nakajima

Jirou has been working with startups for over 12 years. Today, he is one of the leading analysts in the field of research of the venture capital market.

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How It Works

Tresor Capital LTD provides a connection between private investors and startups. An experienced team of analysts will carefully evaluate and consider all possible scenarios, directing your investments towards a single goal- to the developing of a startup and obtaining a stable income.

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