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Our investment plans

We offer investors several options for getting passive income from financing startups. Choose one of the three investment plans and start earning an income today!



for 10 days

  • Total return: 108% (8%)
  • Minimum: $25
  • Principal Included
  • Business Days
  • Referral commission 6%-1%



after 19 days

  • Total return: 121% (21%)
  • Minimum: $25
  • Principal Included
  • Calendar Days
  • Referral commission 6%-1%



for 30 days

  • Total return: 154% (54%)
  • Minimum: $25
  • Principal Back
  • Business Days
  • Referral commission 6%-1%

Every business day (except weekends) you get 10.8%. In just 10 business days your income will be 108%. Net profit is 8%.

You make a deposit and in 19 calendar days you'll get 121% of the invested amount. Net profit is 21%.

Every business day (except weekends) you get 1.8%. After 30 business days you will be refunded 100% of the deposit.
In just 30 business days your income will be 154%. Net profit is 54%.

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We provide an individual approach to each investor whose income is more than 5000$. For further details, please, contact [email protected]

About Us

Tresor Capital is a business partner and source of income for private investors. Our goal is to unite investors and entrepreneurs, help them to get a stable income and business support.

Tresor Capital LTD is an independent investment company uniting several British and foreign venture funds. We have created an extensive network of “scouts” who are looking for promising innovative enterprises and startups. Our company invests in securities or shares of such enterprises. As a result, investors get the desired passive income and businessmen get a financing for the realization of their personal dreams.

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How It Works

Tresor Capital LTD provides a connection between private investors and startups. An experienced team of analysts will carefully evaluate and consider all possible scenarios, directing your investments towards a single goal- to the developing of a startup and obtaining a stable income.

Create an account in the platform
Fill in the payment systems data
Invest your funds
We invest your funds in startups
You get passive income

Tresor Live Statistics

Days online 156

Total accounts 1752

Total deposited $ 90077.28

Total withdraw $ 26745.97

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t###masbernadine91 $2000.00
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K###eMedici $790.00
n###le $522.00
G###don2 $501.16
c###llife $500.00
z###tiy $500.00
l###a16ml $300.00
b###rkayes $300.00
h###per $250.00

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A###ishama 0.012000 BTC
v###450 $ 5.40
A###kharys 0.007600 BTC
M###aysali 0.192000 ETH
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Referral Commission

Earn from referral deposits

6% -1%

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Tresor Capital platform update

To improve visual perception we changed the design of the main page of our online platform. The presentation of the company is translated into Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Korean, Turkish, Vietnamese and Russian.




Video presentation

We made a compact video presentation dedicated to the TRESOR platform and our financial possibilities for the company's partners and investors.




Tresor Capital LTD - 3, 2, 1, start

Welcome the final version of the online investment platform TRESOR, led by the professional team of Tresor Capital LTD! Today, the Tresor team has completed all the preparation work and is ready to start.

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